Commission Advisory Opinions

A Formal Advisory Opinion issued by the members of the Alabama Ethics Commission answers a question based on the information and facts presented by an individual or group and protects the requestor(s) and any other person/group who reasonably relying, in good faith, on the issued opinion in a materially like circumstance from liability to the state, a county, or a municipal entity.

Advisory Opinions are available for viewing and begin with rulings from October 1, 1995 (first Advisory Opinion is AO95-67) and continues to current date. You may search by the actual Advisory number (i.e. AO2016-05, AO2002-07, etc.; for the years 1995-1999 use only the last two digits of the year Example – 99-02, 97-15), or a relevant word, name or phrase.

Please call our Legal Division if you have questions or need assistance.