Enforcement of the Alabama Ethics Laws begin with the filing of a Complaint.

  • A complaint may only be filed by a person who has or persons who have credible and verifiable information supporting the allegations contained in the complaint.
  • The Alabama Ethics Commission is prohibited from accepting Verbal Complaints, Anonymous Complaints or Unsigned Complaints.
  • The Statute of Limitations are as follows:
  • Prior to any investigation, the Alabama Ethics Commission must receive a written and signed complaint which sets forth in detail the specific charges against a respondent, and the factual allegations which support such charges.
  • The Commission has 180 days to determine whether probable cause exists. An extension of an additional 180 days may be granted.
  • It is strongly recommended and we encourage any Complainant not to discuss any matter filed with the Ethics Commission so not to jeopardize an on-going investigation.
  • Upon investigation a complaint may be:
    • Closed because the Ethics Commission does not have jurisdiction regarding the alleged wrongdoing or the Statute of Limitations has expired.
    • Dismissed due to lack of evidence to support the complaint.
    • Presented to Commission for Determination of Probable Cause.