An important function of the Alabama Ethics Commission is conducting mandatory training of Public Officials, Public Employees and Lobbyists.

Public Officials

Members of the Alabama Legislature:
  • Live Training once at the beginning of each Legislative Quadrennium

State Constitutional Officers, Cabinet Members And Executive Staff (as determined by Governor):
  • Live Training within 30 days after Governor is sworn into office

Municipal Mayors, Council Members/Commissioners and County Commissioners:
  • Within 120 days of being sworn into Office Online or Live Training

Public Employees

  • Public employees who have to file the Statement of Economic Interests form
  • Within 90 days of hire date
  • Online through Ethics website


  • Live Training provided 4 times Annually
  • Training must be obtained within 90 days of registering
  • See Lobbyists & Principals page for more information

Please read before viewing the video:

The Online Ethics Training Video was created to train individuals, one person at a time. The format of the video requires that the individual respond to questions periodically throughout the training. These are just a couple of the reasons that we do not give individuals credit for watching the training as a group. Each person should take the training individually. The individual will then be able to enter their personal information and print a completion certificate. Please be aware that more than one individual will not be able to watch the training video on the same computer within a 24 hour period. Our system saves cookies to the computer, and it will not allow another person to enter their information for the certificate for 24 hours.

The training video contents require a strong connection to the Internet. Please make sure that you are “plugged-in” and not relying on wi-fi. If your connection is not strong enough and the training freezes, you will have to start the training over from the beginning. Attempting to complete the training using your phone or tablet will also increase your chances of having to start over. If your only options are to use a phone, tablet, or computer dependent on wi-fi, please consider going to your local library to complete the online training.